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What We Provide?

Executive search, executive assessment, and board services are the three mainstays of Starspot HR, and we are backed by a team of seasoned global consultants that provide unrivalled support at every stage, from identifying top candidates to optimising the performance of your leadership team. Learn more about the support options we offer.


Executive Recruiting Services

Our core area of service is executive search. Find the right individuals, put together winning teams, and maximise returns for investors with our assistance. If you’re looking for great executives who understand your market and company culture, go no further than our executive search solutions. Our services have helped businesses in essentially every sector recruit top executives like presidents, vice presidents, and other members of the C-suite.


Leadership Evaluation & Recruitment Services

Do you have leaders that share your vision for the company and who are also aware of ways they may improve?

The field of leadership has undergone an internal revolution over the past decade. We at Starspot HR have come to realise that the foundation of our success in Executive Search is built upon our expertise in Executive Assessment. If you want to know how effective your leadership is, we can help you with that, too.

We are a leading executive assessment business because of our global reach, local knowledge, and breadth of experience across a wide range of sectors and job functions.

For over five years of experience across the broadest spectrum of industries and sectors, we have assessed and delivered leadership talent, producing high impact and sustainable results in organisational growth

Business executive search and solutions

While business executives have accomplished much in the last two decades, they also understand that their organisations’ boardroom practises must evolve to keep up with the competitive landscape. Modern board membership requires participants to take an active role as leaders, take responsibility for their actions, and coach top executives.

Board members who are both capable and invested in their roles are essential to the success of the organisations for which they are responsible. The mission of Starsport HR is to have an influence on our customers’ Boards that is both immediate and long-lasting.

We are the pioneers in bringing the technological side of the human experience to new heights.

Our extensive knowledge and familiarity with cutting-edge technology have helped us become a top placement and human resources consulting firm. We have deep expertise in a wide variety of technological fields, including but not limited to: e-commerce; social media; advertising; mobile technologies; network security; and so on. Our goal and dedication is to always offer our clients access to the most qualified professionals in the business. We do this by preliminary assessment, preliminary evaluation, and feedback from our expert network.

We use our connections at the greatest universities and top B-schools to recruit elite students who can give life to our client’s wildest dreams. We are able to bring forward the most qualified applicants and offer valuable insight into their prior work because of the extensive connections we have built.

Starspot HR at its core

Because of our professionalism and dedication to our job, we have made it to the top of the executive recruitment industry. Every one of our customers is treated as a partner of ours, and we strive to keep that relationship at its best. Throughout the whole hiring and search process, we maintain completely transparent and open communication channels. We seek out and hire people who will enrich our diverse community. We ensure the participation of senior consultants in all phases of the search. Our consultants have deep knowledge and expertise in the fields they advise on.